Racist Thug Surprised by Presence of Other Racist Thug in Party of Racist Thugs

Last week, a racist man who enjoys punching things was punched by a racist man who also enjoys punching things.

All spectators were surprised that racist thugs punch each other despite them being members of a political party noted for its racist punching.

The racist man who got punched said:

“You know, you’d think when you’re in meetings with racist thugs you’d be able to avoid dwelling on hate and just get on with a bit of unity. You know, unity in hating everything, but that’s still unity, isn’t it?”

The punchy thug said:

“Fucking dick. I hate him. Almost as much as I hate everything. 9/10 would totally punch again.”

This latest incident in the Racist Thug Punching Party has sparked speculation that grouping racist thugs together and giving them any kind of political standing is “fucking stupid.”

A non racist person who once thought of punching someone but then didn’t had this to say:

“Well, really as long as they’re punching each other I’m pretty much fine with that.”

The racist thug who clearly takes punches really badly luckily received hospital treatment free of charge due to the fact that his right to healthcare in the foreign country in question is legally protected through legislation voted on by the organization he is 100% against.

The remarkably stupid man had this to say:

“The healthcare I received was first rate and I hated it. The medical staff were excellent, but French. The fact I didn’t have to pay a penny was a perfect example of how progressive the EU is and I find that completely unacceptable.”

Further debate has been sparked as to whether leading this group of absurd lunatics should be left some kind of Farage shaped lunatic.

Many thinkers that are more pragmatic have voiced plans to herd them all onto a racist island where they can be as racist as they like, but then realized that’s pretty much what has happened already.

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