Peculiar men angrily “safeguarding history” also request that “basic history be patiently explained.”

Angry men, determined to protect statues of obscure historical figures are also determined to remind us that right wing national socialism movements that existed in living memory are actually left wing.

They have also gone on to explain that up is down, yes of course means no, but still definitely need to make clear black is absolutely not white.

An angry 65 year old white man took a break from angrily standing next to an inanimate metal model to explain:

“Look, if a political party from the past or now says something, they aren’t allowed to lie. That means everything they say is the truth.

“So when we look at National Socialism, we can see socialism clearly in the title. This means they are socialist. Case closed.”

When it was explained that all actually socialist members of the National Socialist party were literally murdered to death by Hitler, old halfwits had this to say:

“I don’t care if National Socialism actually was so opposed to socialism it killed socialists, their title was National Socialist. I’m clearly brilliant at history, that’s why I think it’s vital to protect statues of people I’ve never heard of, who it turned out committed vile crimes against humanity.

“Because it’s important to accurately remember and protect history.”

Thuggish, poorly educated men have also been sighted doing National Socialist salutes while protecting a metal box with a statue inside of a man famous for being diametrically opposed to National Socialists.

A British Nazi explained.

“Churchill is a British Icon. He single handedly defeated the nazis of Germany. That’s why we, as nazis, are here to to make sure no one takes that statue down. He was directly opposed to our belief systems, so we revere him as a God.”

An actual historian offered insight on why the world has gone absolutely fucking mental:

“What we clearly see here is people forgetting history, allowing it to once again repeat itself. By deliberately forgetting everything that happened in the past, like the right wing being right wing, it allows the right wing to go on being the right wing, while claiming not to be the right wing.

“Yeah it is hella confusing. Let me try again. Remember sitting in GCSE history and one of your whinier classmates would suddenly exclaim “but how could something like Hitler and the rise of the right wing in Germany be allowed to happen?!” The answer is this. Right now. What we’re enduring right now.

“What makes it unfathomably ironic, is that protecting history is one of the main current focal points of the extreme right, who couldn’t grasp history if it came flying at them made of velcro and super glue.

No, the term “wilful ignorance” is far too generous; that would imply people this painfully stupid have actual control over their own rudimentary thought processes.

“Yeah. We’re actually fucked.”

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