More guns clearly definitely most effective solution against guns “except in any situation involving guns”.

As another massacre with legally obtained guns unfolds in a state with an open carry gun law, many are very convinced that good guys with guns is still clearly the best deterrent against gun crime “except in cases involving guns”.

As the debate rages on as to what can possibly be done to decrease school shootings while not actually making any sustained effort to change anything, people are left perplexed as to what is left as the next course of action.

Gun owner Troy McPartlin had this to say:

“As a gun owner I’ve already sent my thoughts and prayers. I don’t see what else can possibly be done. We could discuss taking guns away from the general public, but then the number of people getting shot might begin to decrease.

“That just won’t work for the US. Sorry, me. That won’t work for me. How else will I keep my own family in a constant state of danger?”

A spokesperson for the Department of Thoughts and Prayers had this to say:

“We here in the American Government have seen in other countries with low gun crime rates that making guns illegal, or at least heavily monitoring and regulating gun ownership is the key to preventing mass gun murder on a genocidal level. But sadly it’s a very difficult situation involving taking an actual political stand and implementing legislation. Who do you think we are? The Government?

“We’d like to make guns illegal, we really would, but well. We aren’t going to. Because. Look, just because.”

An alternative solution to gun crime being proposed is the introduction of a heavily dangerous firearm into every household and workplace in the US.

Troy had this to say:

“See that at least makes sense. If everyone has a gun, no one will get shot anymore.”

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